Regency Foods has been inspected, audited, approved and certified by the Western Australia Halal Authority (WAHA).

This certificate is issued on 1/08/1/2018 and is valid until 18/08/2019 and remains the Property of WAHA and not meant to be copied for others.

Halal Certification

Ausmeat’s Standards Body is responsible for National Standards in relation to meat production and processing.

Regency Foods is a Certified Non-Packer Exporter Establishment number 3125

HACCP is a program that ensures a company has a plan in place that makes certain that the product it produces / supplies is safe and free from food borne illness and contaminants.

Regency Foods is HACCP Certified HACCP 11/1235

Meat Standards Australia is a Beef and Sheepmeat program that takes the guesswork out of buying Australian red meat.

Regency Foods is a MSA Certified Supplier MSA LICENCE # F105